About The Mutant Diaries

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Changing the future

The Mutant Diaries shares the silliness as well as the struggle of dealing with a life-changing personal challenge. The show delivers a positive, uplifting message about taking charge of life and health - and does it with laughter instead of lectures, music instead of moaning.

It's a lively, entertaining hour-long story told with humor and nine songs written and sung by Eva who accompanies herself on piano.


"Many thanks, Eva. I liked your show." - Dr. Mary-Claire King
Dr. King is the world-renowned geneticist who discovered the BRCA mutation and proved the connection between genetic mutations and disease. She is being portrayed by Helen Hunt in the new movie "Decoding Annie Parker"

"I enjoyed it very much. You have a great spin on things.. so clever and hilarious. I will remember to use you when we get media requests on genetics and cancer prevention." -- Elizabeth Swisher, Surgeon and Professor, Dept Ob/Gyn, University of Washington

"Eva's show sent me on a roller coaster of emotions, from tears in the eyes to laughing my head off. I felt like I was living through her journey with her. I can't thank you enough, Eva, for sharing your show with Macmillan. You are an inspiration." -- Kate Macauley, Macmillan Cancer Support, UK

Book a performance

The Mutant Diaries is perfect for:

Corporate Events • Annual Conferences • Universities and Colleges • Symposiums • Medical Groups • Private Parties • Fundraisers • Theater Runs • Cruises • Women's Groups • Cancer Awareness Events • Jewish Groups* • Healthcare Education Events • Condo/Neighborhood Associations • Retreats and workshops

Bring The Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My Genes to your event. The show can be performed in almost any venue. Below are the specs I prefer, but I'm flexible. Let’s talk!

  • STAGE: A sturdy, well lit stage or performance area large enough to hold and walk around a piano.

  • SET: 
    If outside the Seattle area, you'll need to provide a piano in good tune and working condition (I can assist in locating inexpensive rentals) and a piano bench or adjustable height, armless seat.
  • LIGHTING: No special lighting needed, but it works best if the stage area is brightly lit from the front. (Performances in hotel ballrooms: it’s best to supplement the overhead lighting with a free-standing stage light, especially for large groups).

  • SOUND: 
    The show must balance voice and piano. You’ll need to provide a sound system with the ability to connect a small four channel mixing board.

  • MICROPHONE: I provide a wireless, over-the-ear mic.

  • OTHER: 
    Whenever possible, please provide a private dressing room or ‘green room’ for use before and after the performance.
Tech Rider (PDF)Stage Plot (PDF)


venues & clients

Egan's Ballard Jam House, Seattle WA
Valley Center Stage, North Bend WA
Soulfood Books, Redmond WA
FORCE (Nonprofit for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer)
Macmillan Cancer Support, UK (show info)

Interested? Cal me at (206) 817-9777, email eva@evamoon.net or fill out the online booking inquiry form. Click here for hi-rez photos suitable for print.

* The show is of particular interest to Jewish groups because while the BRCA genetic mutation affects 1 in 400 in the general population, among Eastern European Jews, it's 1 in 40!