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"Many thanks, Eva. I liked your show." - Dr. Mary-Claire King
Dr. King is the world-renowned geneticist who discovered the BRCA mutation and proved the connection between genetic mutations and disease. She is being portrayed by Helen Hunt in the new movie "Decoding Annie Parker."

Center for Restorative Breast Surgery"A one woman show delivered with so much raw emotion and intimacy that the audience may wonder whether they have accidentally wandered into a room where they overhear her private and innermost thoughts after learning of her BRCA gene mutation. Her journey carries us through the loss of her mother, to the discovery of her own personal superpower. Her presence on stage reflects the solace of the inner struggle, but the humor that she wraps around her musical delivery pulls the audience into her story as her life changing choices deliver triumph. It is about life, it is about death, and it is about the beauty of the human spirit, a must see." -- Dr. Frank DellaCroce, co-Founder of the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery (CRBS) and the St. Charles Surgical Hospital

UWM"I enjoyed it very much. I loved best the talking parts. You have a great spin on things. Also, I could not get past the tatas song. That was so clever and hilarious. I will remember to use you when we get media requests for patient stories on genetics and cancer prevention." -- Elizabeth Swisher, Surgeon and Professor, Dept Ob/Gyn, University of Washington

coh"Mutant Diaires" resonates among women with BRCA mutations. Moon's decision – and her show – call attention to a dilemma increasingly faced by women as genetic testing becomes more widespread. In simply calling attention to the choices that women must make – and empowering them in the process, Moon has achieved her goal. - City of Hope

macmillan"Eva's show sent me on a roller coaster of emotions, from tears in the eyes to laughing my head off. It was humbling to be part of Eva's story and I felt like I was living through her journey with her. I can't thank you enough, Eva, for sharing your show with Macmillan. You are an inspiration." -- Kate Macauley, Macmillan Cancer Support, UK

4Culture TAREva Moon is a featured artist on the 4Culture Touring Arts Roster, a juried directory of some of King County's most talented performing artists. A great one-stop tool for anyone in search of performing artists, for any event, size or budget.


"No matter how many people are in the audience with you, you are left feeling like you have just had a chat with a friend and shared something quite personal." Read the full review from The Mutant Diaries in London >

"It’s a human story, it’s a woman’s story, told with music, warmth and humour. See this show – you’ll remember Eva Moon and her piano for a long time." Read the full review of The Mutant Diaries' London show >

"When you have a chance to make a difference, even save one life, how can you remain silent?" Read the full article from the UK Jewish News magazine >

"A Stunning Performance at VALA Art Center" Her story is bravely told by confronting the real, and often taboo issues of body image, sex, and shame that make us cry and laugh at the same time... taking us to a universal reality even if we have no relationship to cancer ourselves. Read the full review on the VALA website >

"Brave and beautiful" The show carries a message to people that they can overcome these challenges. Read the full story in the SnoValley Star Newspaper >

Front Page Profile: "Redmond's Eva Moon turns to music to face cancer risk" - Read the full profile in The Redmond Reporter >

"An uplifting, uproarious musical "self-exam" about Jilting Breast Cancer and Living to Sing Out About It" Read the full review at Seattle24x7.com >

What people are saying about The Mutant Diaries

"My heart is full with emotion and my face hurts from laughing. Tonight's performance was absolutely incredible and I feel honored to have been present!" — SP

"It's *amazing* - Funny, poignant, just salacious enough to make you simultaneously squirm and cheer her on. See it while you have a chance!." — WNK

“Thank you for taking us along on the journey. All my life I’ve been afraid of breast cancer. Somehow, this made those fears a little less scary." — C

"A lovely show! Well done on a subject few would be able to discuss with such candor, warmth and humor!" — JQ

“I laughed. I cried. I learned something important. Thank you for being so generous with your message of hope, for explaining the journey to choose life." — RB

"A story EVERYONE should hear." — JM

"A great show, small but perfectly formed. Funny and sad in perfect balance, it made me laugh and cry, sometimes both at once! A must-see for people facing tough medical decisons - and their loved ones. If you only see one show this year about massive invasive surgery to avoid cancer, make it this one! Eva is a one-woman force of nature full of wisdom and musical comedy and she'll leave you feeling optimistic whatever you face." — JR

"Eva Moon's 'Mutant Diaries' is touching and funny -- a great combination. It's a story of triumph, told through the words and music of a genuine and generous spirit. Learning life's important lessons isn't usually this entertaining!" — JH

"Beautifully written, Eva's words - spoken or sung - sparkle with humor, compassion and raw emotion. Her performance is energetic and heartfelt. She squeezed my heart with her powerful story of facing a challenge and landing solidly on her feet." — WB

“Bravo! Thank you for sharing your experience in such a musical, lyrical, laughing, sensitive, spiritual and brave way.” — MH

"Eva Moon's 'Mutant Diaries' is powerful and poignant. I love it when a show makes me laugh and cry in one sitting, and I did both at Eva's show. Her words are impressive; her delivery inspirational. This brave, unflinching presentation of Eva's journey entertains as it elucidates. Quite a feat." — CM

"As a medical professional, I loved how this show took an abstract clinical diagnosis, and made it human; using pithy anecdotes, soulful tunes and hilarious lyrics to weave a personal and painful story with an uplifting ending." — KR

"Eva's lighthearted songs and commentary on dealing with losing the genealogical lottery are both heartfelt and fun, but more than anything, very inspirational!" — SH

"I enjoyed "Mutant Diaries." It's a clever, moving and ENTERTAINING show. It touched my heart and I also laughed my butt off (don't worry, it grew back overnight). Eva is a very talented writer and performer." — KRZ

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what people are saying about "7 deadly sins... and me"

"This hilarious one-woman musical was such a hit that new dates have been added, so if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do. The show explores the question of whether the path to Hell leads to happiness as Eva Moon encounters all seven deadly sins in one uproarious night. It’s like reading Dante in high school — only funny."
Seattle P-I 

reviews for moon falling down

Irreverent and immense fun. The songs on the album are tongue-in-cheek, innuendo filled or just downright irreverent. You just know that they were having fun recording this album as you can almost hear the laughter in the vocals and music... Eva Moon & the Lunatics have a really great sound. Their music is top notch. And the lyrics are fun; filled with innuendo and biting commentary. They are irreverent, comically in-your-face and just plain fun to listen to...

-- Bruce Von Stiers, BVS Reviews

reviews for something's brewing

Whatever style she temporarily indulges in, her lyrics consistently feature wry twists and turns. Leaping from the musical equivalent of stand-up comedy to heartfelt autobiography, she clearly loves her craft.

-- Claude Flowers, King County Journal

other reviews

(Live radio review of "Cash from Nigeria"): As music becomes more mature it’s important that we have artists who analyze the structure of this planet, just to maintian an honest balance. “Cash from Nigeria” by Eva Moon keeps its thumb on the pulse of modern day communication... the internet and e-mail. This song is a modern day Mark Twain novel, complete with all the hooks that even Randy Newman couldn’t spit out.

-- SongPlanet.com Radio Internet

"When she cuts loose, her voice just fills the space. And the lyrics were witty and/or soulful. I'm jealous of the way she's been able to craft the words to not only pull off joke after joke but also to weave together a world in a single song.

-- John Graham

Here is a video from her last show, "7 Deadly Sins... and Me" with her full band, which concluded a successful run in Seattle in 2010/2011.