The Mutant Diaries on DVD

For Medical Professionals

The Mutant Diaries is a great resource to offer patients dealing with cancer, genetic mutations, mastectomy, or other life-changing medical challenges. It presents a hopeful message with humor but also with respect for the seriousness of their experiences. For medical staff, it provides an important view into patient perspective and has been well received by nurses, genetic counselors and doctors who often only see a small slice of the patient's full journey.

Consider referring your patients to this site or carrying a few copies to offer directly in your office, hospital or clinic gift shop, library or website.


"Many thanks, Eva. I liked your show." - Dr. Mary-Claire King
Dr. King is the world-renowned geneticist who discovered the BRCA mutation and proved the connection between genetic mutations and disease. She is being portrayed by Helen Hunt in the new movie "Decoding Annie Parker"

"I enjoyed it very much. You have a great spin on things.. so clever and hilarious. I will remember to use you when we get media requests on genetics and cancer prevention." -- Elizabeth Swisher, Surgeon and Professor, Dept Ob/Gyn, University of Washington

"Eva's show sent me on a roller coaster of emotions, from tears in the eyes to laughing my head off. I felt like I was living through her journey with her. I can't thank you enough, Eva, for sharing your show with Macmillan. You are an inspiration." -- Kate Macauley, Macmillan Cancer Support, UK

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